Virtual Offices Haslingden

When you start your business there are a few essential things you need to make yourself look as professional as possible if you aren’t quite ready to move into an office space or you work remotely. These are that you need an address; it shows prospective clients that you are the real deal and you aren’t operating out of your flat, even if you are. Then comes a phone number, this is crucial. Even if you have a mobile number you still look so much more professional, add to that if you can get a provider that answers the phone calls for you then that would be perfect.

Our Business Centre’s have a lot of prestige that has been built up over the years, and we run fully functional sets of serviced offices. Add to that we offer a very popular Virtual Office set up. Some of the things we offer are:

  • Your own dedicated telephone number. As well as this you get a receptionist who will answer the phone in your business name and take a message.
  • You get to use our office as your registered office, which of course looks extremely professional; you can also get your mail sent there as well.
  • We have a no-contract policy where you only have to pay for a month in advance and if you no longer wish to carry on using our virtual office you just let us know and there will be no cancelations fees.
  • We will display your business in our reception area so if you get one of your clients or potential clients wondering in trying to find you then they will know you are based here.

You can have all of this from only £60 per month depending on the package you require. We offer the best prices in the North West. If you find a price that can match us then give us a call.

Haslingden Offices

If you are looking for a virtual office then you need somewhere that reflects your business. If you have small business based in Rossendale then why would you need your postal address to be based in Manchester? If you have a local and business that needs a popular and prestigious address then Prinny Mill Business Centre will be for you.

Our Virtual Office is located in the beautiful and peaceful town of Haslingden. The office is conveniently located close to Manchester, Burnley, Bury, Accrington and Blackburn and is a popular choice for anyone wanting to base themselves “virtually” in a popular location.